Thursday, November 11, 2010

the look for less.

It can be hard sometimes to look through a catalog and know that everything is out of your price range! I'm a catalog fanatic, I love love when companies get catalogs right...there's nothing better. I love those particular catalogs so much because they mix my three favorite, clothes, & print (magazines & paper). I have put myself on a mission to find pieces from my favorite pricey catalogs and find a less expensive (but still chic!) alternative. We have to face it, when we walk into clothing stores, we can usually find at least a few items that remind us of something else we've seen from another store. Whether it be the print, style, color, or a pretty dead-on look-a-like. I want to find those similar clothes, those look-a-likes, and post them on here for you to see. We may never afford the crazy prices of our dream stores, but who says we can't come close?!

J Crew December Catalog Items.

Item One.

*Blazer pictured to the left in green. New December J Crew catalog.

Boutonniere Blazer

the look for less.

Ruche (
Thurston Howell's Black Blazer

This blazer from the online boutique Ruche is $150 cheaper, and looks a ton alike!

Item Two.

*Blazer pictured to the left. New December J Crew Catalog

Tuxedo Jacket


the look for less.

Mod Cloth (
Style Columnist Blazer

This blazer from Mod Cloth is nearly $100 less and shares 
a similar feel to that of the J Crew blazer

Item Three.

*Coat pictured to the left. New December J Crew Catalog

Gloverall Plaid Toggle Coat

the look for less.

Mod Cloth (
The Bates Coat

The price difference is a giveaway. This Bates Coat from Mod Cloth
 is a perfect purchase if you like the look of the J Crew version.

It's always possible to find the look you want without spending a fortune. There are great sites, shops, and boutiques out there that will give you your look for just have to look! 

Can't wait til i have more deals to share with you
Happy Holidays,

*If you have a look you're in love with and want a solution, send it in!


  1. I love your posts. It is great how everyone has their passions and expertise. Sometimes clothing overwhelms me. I love to look good and stylish...but, the hunt gets me so frustrated. haha. I look forward to learning some tips and tricks form you. :-)

  2. thanks Rebekah! I look forward to giving any i might have or find! :)


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