Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Autumn Approaches- a photoshoot

This afternoon was perhaps a perfect early Autumn day in my home, Charlotte. You know those days where the outdoors actually smell like the approaching winter? Well today i refused to stay indoors and take full advantage of a day off work! My dear friend Shelby is just a joy to be around! She is beautiful, as you can see, and was the perfect friend to spend these few hours with. We drove around trying to find an ideal spot for pictures (the sun was already starting to set, and lighting is everything!) Near where we both live is the local peach stand, during the summer they serve fresh homemade peach ice cream (perfect!), so we parked and walked a bit to this spot, where the peach trees are now barren and make for the perfect setting for a late afternoon photoshoot. It was apparently a really popular spot for joggers! I'm sure we were an odd sight. This is her senior year of high school, and i wanted to capture details about her during this time in her life. It was quite fun, enjoy! If you wish to see the rest, request and more will be added!

*if you live in the Charlotte area and are interested in a shoot, email me @ quailstitch@yahoo.com

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