Thursday, November 11, 2010

gift it! jewelry ideas

With the holidays approaching, and gift giving right around the corner, here is some of my favorite jewelry out there at the moment! They range from super affordable to bigger-gift sort of prices, and in a variety of styles. Feel free to send something my way while you're looking :)
love, and happy holidays!

folded leather rope$35

digby & iona cut emerald ring- $115

gatsby cuff- $34

pave' mini pyramids ring- $22

marie locket ring-$18

coral cluster ring- $18

bouquet bracelet-$38

held dear ring (gold)$58 (My Favorite!)

& in silver (above)

samba$48 (Also my favorite!)

a fine fete$68 (So Cute!)

out and a-bow-t$12.99

spoonful of sugar$12.99

marigold garland fabric$28.99

braided indie necklace- $40

the silence seemed to speak bracelet-etsy (the ardent sparrow)- $28

half as hard earrings-etsy (the ardent sparrow)-$10

standing in such an iridescent wind necklace-etsy (the ardent sparrow)- $35

pinhole summer cloud porcelain necklace- etsy (and O design)- $48

square vintage posts-$14

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