Monday, November 29, 2010

Giving Thanks for Being Together

 I hope all you lovelies had a wonderful Thanksgiving break, my meal personally was amaaazingg, and I shared with my wonderful family...there's nothing better! It was a great Thanksgiving this year, I've always had a love for the holiday personally, I almost like it more than Christmas (it's just that good of a holiday!). We are in our new house now, just in time for the holidays, and our new dining table seated all of us so you can imagine how happy we were about that, and how special it was that we got to eat all together. We sat down with plates full and stomachs about to be full, and each made a toast for the thing we were most thankful for this past year. Of course whenever we would make a joke throughout dinner my adorably silly 5 year old niece she would always "cheers to that!", and we'd all hit our glasses together. It was great fun, she has the cutest sense of humor. My most favorite part of the thanksgiving meal is a dish me and my brother look forward to all year long! Mashed sweet potatoes with pineapple, brown sugar, and walnuts. It's to die for, and let's just say I've eaten some all weekend long. ;)

This holiday was especially wonderful because everyone arrived early, and we all made the meal together. Whether we were chopping apples for the stuffing, mixing for the deviled eggs, or carving the turkey and ham, we spent it doing it together. 

We had a lot of things to be thankful for. Me and my best friend are both starting college next month, my sweet sweet brother is leaving for the Army in January, we had my second nephew be born early summer. We all moved to new houses. We're all healthy, happy, and love each other. That's most important.

& now that Thanksgiving weekend is over, and I officially participated in Black Friday, and we have purchased our tree...I am ready to be back to blogging, and ready to decorate tonight!

happy holidays 

snapshots from our lovely holiday.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

etsy love: verabel

via: my sister of the terrific four

my lovely sister came across this fantastic Etsy store, Verabel, which sells some seriously amazing vintage jewelry!

someone needs to buy me this now! 

but any of these will do :)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Interior Spaces...Covet Garden let's us in.

I'm loving these sweet & simple interior spaces from October's issue of Covet Garden magazine. I hope you do too...

I'm loving farmhouse tables right, esp. paired with those two end chairs. The world atlas is a fun twist, making this dining room a bit more casual and probably easy to converse in I can imagine :)

I also loving this bedding, the print, texture, and the creaminess. 

This nursery is so adorable! There's a simplicity about it, and pops of all the right colors, in all the right amounts i think! The paper flower poms would be a great DIY project to tackle. Simple & Sweet.

This is the other side of the nursery from above. I'm a huge fan of mid century modern furniture, it fits perfectly in this room. All the little facts in white are great tips & read up!

This couch is super cute & practical...and grey! my favorite. That Penguin Book print is on my wishlist now :)

Of course I love to see other's sewing spaces. This is a cute functional set up for a small space 

as always, happy holidays! xoxo

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An Interior Look : J Crew's Brooklyn Home

If you've checked in on the Quail Stitch at all, you'll noticed my ever-growing (addiction/obsession?!) with J Crew! I love these amazing interior shots from Domino and Living etc of J Crew's Execute Creative Director Jenna Lyons' home in Brooklyn. Her home features a lot of things I love about interior decor. Enjoy this inside look!

the exterior of her Brooklyn home

two angles of her living room. the molding, chandeliers, grey walls paired with yellow loveseat... perfection!

i think this dining room might just be my dream! 

here is her more industrial-style kitchen. i absolutely love this kitchen in relation to how sophisticated and grand the rest of her house is. kitchens should be simple and lovely just like this!

here is the sitting area off the kitchen with glorious bay windows behind.

the kitchen farmhouse table. my fav.

Everything is kept quaint & simple in the kitchen, sitting, and kitchen dining room areas.
i almost wasn't expecting a bedroom like this, but i love it quite the same. the walls are a chalkboard black. this particular shot was for Living Etc. mag.

what an amazingggg bathroom! all black with brass fixtures.

mine and every other girl's dream! a whole dressing room devoted to your wardrobe, complete with the French settee.

her child's room, too cute! it shares the same feel with the rest of the house, but with a kid's flair :)

and of course to finish us off, the backyard!

Hope to share some more interiors with you soon!
happy holidays

Interior Thoughts & Sweet Memories

   Good evening! I'm excited to be back posting new goodies for you all. The past few days I've been feeling under the weather, & now the whole house is in boxes! We are a close family of five now 9! (with a niece, nephews, and a brother-in-law!) Growing up we moved quite a lot from house to house, and I'm seriously so grateful that I lived in a variety of houses, each with a different style and wonderful childhood memories & stories that are wrapped up in each one. We moved from California to North Carolina (at the time i thought it must be in a different country, it sounded so small and far away! i had never heard of it!) right before my seventh birthday, and it was a new and exciting thing for me, although it was much harder on my siblings, they were teenagers and the concept of how drastic a move we were actually making didn't occur to my seven year old mind! All of our beloved family was/is there, and my mother is one of six kids (who all have kids & most of their kids have kids too), and together we make such a big close, and loving family (there's nothing like it!) So you can imagine how hard it is some years to be on the other side of the country, especially during the holidays! 
We fell in love with North Carolina not too long after we moved here. I experienced my first snow here (& being from Southern CA that was a huge deal to me!) In the first five years or so of us living here we moved 5 times! That's like a different house each year, and some we lived in for less than a year & we had a knack for choosing some very interesting and cool houses. We lived in everything from a simple suburban subdivision home to a farmhouse on a hill with a classic big oak tree and a barn and cows and horses on either side, to a crazy unique house hidden in the woods on 27 acres with an upstairs that was entirely glass windows and wooden beams that overlooked the land! It had a pond and a creek with all sorts of nature and creatures i loved to get into as a kid. We had a giant magnolia tree on the property that i used to climb into the if you've ever been in a big magnolia tree you'd know their limbs are the best to climb in! I swear i never wore shoes while we lived at that house!  

One of the best and most treasured memories i have from my childhood were the many people we shared our homes with. My parents are wonderful & giving in so many ways, i love those qualities in people because of them. As a kid, they always found a way to open up our house to people. I don't remember a house where we didn't have people living with us! We used to have a lovely family (of 6 or 7 i believe) from Australia  that had an rv outside of our house, I had so many kids to play with & sleep overs all the time. We also had a family from Holland whom we still love and know, another amazing family from Australia, a lady from Japan while we were in CA, and several others live with us at some point in these houses. When i think back on it now, I am grateful I was always surrounded by different cultures and experienced so many different types of families. It is always such a pleasure to be surrounded by people!

& lastly, what brings all of these sweet memories back to mind is the fact that we are moving this coming weekend! So much change is going on, & I'm loving every minute of it! Being in a different house is always a new opportunity to make changes in my life, especially when it comes to interior style. It's a chance to make everything how you want it for the new season in your life. This last house we have loved and are now leaving was during my senior year of high school. My bedroom here is a most amazing shade of teal, with mustard yellow damask curtains and grey printed bedding. I've loved it, and I'm ready to move on! I have many plans brewing for my next place of rest and inspiration. I'll clue you in on those plans once my stuff is out of boxes ;).
The biggest change to come for me is starting in the beginning of January! I'm moving into a dorm, getting a roommate, and off to college! I am planning to get my Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in Commercial Photography and perhaps a minor in Journalism, but who knows if that'll change?! What a crazy new life change this will be for me, & I'm so looking forward to furthering The Quail Stitch into this new journey. It's sure to be devoted to more design finds, LOTS of projects (outside and inside of school), personal style, ideas, etc etc...all the stuff I love to share with you. So be sure to spread the word!

The holidays are approaching and I must pack more boxes! I wanted to share with you some of my favorite memories from my favorite houses. They have had an impact on me in ways I'm just now discovering! My love for interior spaces, home design etc probably stems deep down from all the adventures I had in my crazy & unique houses.

Thanks for reading my thoughts... I want to know yours! Happy holidays from The Quail Stitch.

& now...for some upcoming posts on some interiors i love, & you'll love too!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

the look for less.

It can be hard sometimes to look through a catalog and know that everything is out of your price range! I'm a catalog fanatic, I love love when companies get catalogs right...there's nothing better. I love those particular catalogs so much because they mix my three favorite, clothes, & print (magazines & paper). I have put myself on a mission to find pieces from my favorite pricey catalogs and find a less expensive (but still chic!) alternative. We have to face it, when we walk into clothing stores, we can usually find at least a few items that remind us of something else we've seen from another store. Whether it be the print, style, color, or a pretty dead-on look-a-like. I want to find those similar clothes, those look-a-likes, and post them on here for you to see. We may never afford the crazy prices of our dream stores, but who says we can't come close?!

J Crew December Catalog Items.

Item One.

*Blazer pictured to the left in green. New December J Crew catalog.

Boutonniere Blazer

the look for less.

Ruche (
Thurston Howell's Black Blazer

This blazer from the online boutique Ruche is $150 cheaper, and looks a ton alike!

Item Two.

*Blazer pictured to the left. New December J Crew Catalog

Tuxedo Jacket


the look for less.

Mod Cloth (
Style Columnist Blazer

This blazer from Mod Cloth is nearly $100 less and shares 
a similar feel to that of the J Crew blazer

Item Three.

*Coat pictured to the left. New December J Crew Catalog

Gloverall Plaid Toggle Coat

the look for less.

Mod Cloth (
The Bates Coat

The price difference is a giveaway. This Bates Coat from Mod Cloth
 is a perfect purchase if you like the look of the J Crew version.

It's always possible to find the look you want without spending a fortune. There are great sites, shops, and boutiques out there that will give you your look for just have to look! 

Can't wait til i have more deals to share with you
Happy Holidays,

*If you have a look you're in love with and want a solution, send it in!

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