Thursday, November 4, 2010

staying warm...

hello all, welcome to my new home! i hope to share many new things with you in the coming months, and hopefully this new home will help us to communicate more. 

i feel like such a terrible blogger for posting so few and far between, but with the holidays approaching there should be lots of things to post about and lots of projects i shall update you on!
so here’s a little project i’ve been working on the past three days.
i’ve been meaning to fix my serger (it’s such a pain to rethread!) but until that happens i’ll have to switch it up a bit and do something other than sewing projects. 
i started knitting when i was younger, i think middle school. silly enough, i used to take my knitting projects from class to class (especially math, it was so boring), and make scarves during lectures. i’m surprised no teacher of mine ever minded, but surprisingly it helped me to focus. 
one of my favorite things to do in the fall it to knit while cuddled up in a blanket and watching a good movie. the knitting goes by so much faster because i’m focusing on something else, plus i feel productive by the time it ends. how perfect :)
all that to say, i’ve been working on this blanket for the winter and 7 rolls of yarn later and i’ve still have maybe 7 more rolls to go through. this is going to be a big thick blanket!
i love love neutrals. (craft supply packaging can look so outdated haha)
i started out knitting the blanket, but it didn’t have the look i wanted. this yarn is “super bulky”, so in order for it not to be thick and stiff, i needed to do something different.
this is my first attempt at crocheting, it’s used a lot in blanket making because you can make a larger stitch, or like those “holes” you see in blankets. it only uses one needle, as opposed to two long knitting needles. i’ve never crocheted before, so i just looked up some youtube videos and it was just that easy…maybe almost easier than knitting, eventully it becomes second nature.
i have quite a bit to go, but i just wanted to show you my progress so far…it’s going to be a cold winter, you should make a blanket for yourselves ;)

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