Monday, November 29, 2010

Giving Thanks for Being Together

 I hope all you lovelies had a wonderful Thanksgiving break, my meal personally was amaaazingg, and I shared with my wonderful family...there's nothing better! It was a great Thanksgiving this year, I've always had a love for the holiday personally, I almost like it more than Christmas (it's just that good of a holiday!). We are in our new house now, just in time for the holidays, and our new dining table seated all of us so you can imagine how happy we were about that, and how special it was that we got to eat all together. We sat down with plates full and stomachs about to be full, and each made a toast for the thing we were most thankful for this past year. Of course whenever we would make a joke throughout dinner my adorably silly 5 year old niece she would always "cheers to that!", and we'd all hit our glasses together. It was great fun, she has the cutest sense of humor. My most favorite part of the thanksgiving meal is a dish me and my brother look forward to all year long! Mashed sweet potatoes with pineapple, brown sugar, and walnuts. It's to die for, and let's just say I've eaten some all weekend long. ;)

This holiday was especially wonderful because everyone arrived early, and we all made the meal together. Whether we were chopping apples for the stuffing, mixing for the deviled eggs, or carving the turkey and ham, we spent it doing it together. 

We had a lot of things to be thankful for. Me and my best friend are both starting college next month, my sweet sweet brother is leaving for the Army in January, we had my second nephew be born early summer. We all moved to new houses. We're all healthy, happy, and love each other. That's most important.

& now that Thanksgiving weekend is over, and I officially participated in Black Friday, and we have purchased our tree...I am ready to be back to blogging, and ready to decorate tonight!

happy holidays 

snapshots from our lovely holiday.

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