Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Hello dears! I just wanted to share with you some photographs from my online portfolio

With a gallery style set-up you can easily browse through a portion of recent work. Please feel free to comment, or to book me or shoot me an email simply do so:

I'm starting at a University in just a few short weeks to begin my journey as a student of Art/Photography. Can't wait to share all my college classroom and college life adventures with you. Please check it out! :)

happy holidays,

a sneak peek below :)

on the road. san fran ca

holiday shoot

shot with canon 7d-courtesy of benjamin joyner


radio city music hall. nyc


  1. so. schweet. I can't. repeat. how. much. I think. I like. this blog.

  2. I love them a lot. Did you go to school for this or is this just a passion? I just finally got my new camera and have been working on my own as well. It's my love. You are talented!

  3. Thanks for the comments above. It is definitely a passion, but i am starting school for photography in a few short weeks. Hope to get even better!

  4. I love the first one so so so much! all of them are great!


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