Friday, December 10, 2010

Holiday Shoot

Hello lovelies! It's been a wonderfully long day for me here in Charlotte. This morning I did a shoot for a wonderful family we are friends with. They wanted some candid fun shots in their hip-cute modern home for the holidays & I had a great time doing so! My great friend Benjamin Joyner a fantastic filmmaker/musician (here) let me borrow his Canon 7d for the morning, it made shooting even more enjoyable and easy. So cred to him! 

Here's a peek at this great couple & their adorable kids...

Aren't they just so photogenic! I love it... 

*to view more of the photographs from this shoot, & see the rest of my recent portfolio go to:

*to book me for a shoot, or for questions or comments, email me or comment below!

Afterwards i spent the afternoon lounging at Starbucks drinking a grande Chai tea latte, eating a warm cheese danish (mm), listening to my favorite pandora stations and editing photographs from the day. It was a lovely three hours spent. There's something about just getting out of the house! Editing/sorting is so time consuming so it was good to get a fresh perspective, outside of my bedroom, desk or kitchen. I'm pleased with how they came out!

On another note, but definitely still holiday photograph related, my lovely sister of The Terrific Four blog, came over to the house today, and we took these cute holiday photos of her & the kids. Being an aunt is the best, might I add! 

What sweet boys I have in the family! 

Well besides buying some running shoes tonight, that was my busy day in a nutshell! An even busier day tomorrow, and another great photoshoot coming up, as well as work, and a work out session! Thanks for checking in lovelies... goodnight 

as always,
happy holidays,

the quail stitch

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