Saturday, December 11, 2010

DIY...FYI I'm Sick

Well tonight I'm feeling pretty under the weather.. I closed tonight at my workplace, and it was a mutual decision between me and my co-worker that we both felt sick and so we closed slowly and took our time. It made it pretty stress-free, but i got out late, and now I'm yawning ever few minutes! I have a sweet friend at the Starbucks near my work, so delightfully I'm sipping on my On-The-House Venti Iced Green/Passion tea. It's helping :)

Tonight I'm taking it pretty easy, but I've been looking up some diy ideas to share with you, & this one from Once Wed is pretty simple & I'm exciting to try it tonight, or maybe tomorrow (so tired!!) It was originally for a project for Design*Sponge and was converted to be used for a wedding. I love this idea. I have a ton! of little chinese laterns from multiple outdoor parties, and I've been storing them hoping for a chance to reinvent them. 

these sweet fabric hanging pom-poms. these ones were made for chair aisle decor at a wedding, but there's obviously so many uses for them. I might try to hang them above my bed. I have all this tissue type paper, that was used to wrap some fragile items we bought at a store, and I think I'll try that first! The pictures are pretty self-explanatory below, but just in case you need directions, here's the how-to from Once Wed

If you find yourself creating some of these, let us know how you did it, what you used, and share a pic with us pretty please!

p.s. My siblings and I went to the gym this, I felt the pain! I haven't done a real work-out since sophomore year of high school, pretty lame! My sister & I probably complained a lot to my brother, whose is training for the Army before he stars bootcamp in January... Our drill sergeant :) Hopefully I'll get fit!

Happy Holidays,


  1. Ok so I helped make some of these for a friend of mine's wedding, and they are surprisingly time-consuming and a little difficult at first (at least for me, hehe).

    Just a couple of tips if you plan on doing this for a wedding/party:

    - Have a bunch of friends over, serve chocolate/snacks/wine! They take a while to make, so the more hands the better!

    - Have material ready and a person who can show everyone how to do it who is fun! Glue-guns for everyone and little baggies of pre-cut fabric for each cloth pom.

    - Don't feel the need to over-stuff with too many fabric pieces. See, that was my problem. Not only did I run out of my allotted amount of pieces for my first one, but it also looked stiff and without flow-y character. My second attempt was MUCH better!

    - Have some close friends take some home to work on while they have some down time. This is especially great if you are planning a million other things and don't have time to work on cloth poms all day.

    I'll try and post of pic of some of these that we completed! They were such a great addition to the wedding decor and totally worth the time spent!

  2. Thanks so much Christina for all the tips!!


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