Friday, December 10, 2010

getting creative & my room

I just wanted to show my room before I semi-move out into my dorm room in a few weeks! Wow, that is crazy! Lot's of new adventures coming up very soon, and I hope you check in often to follow me in my university endeavors :). 

Anyways, here is my room! I finally had my walls painted grey and I'm absolutely loving it. I picked this color on a slight whim, it turned out well I think. 

an organized closet, that's a first for me!

I wanted to share with you some projects...which I will do a more detailed post on.

My beauties! To the left is my sewing machine, it's been around for quite a while, & to the right is my recently purchased serger. It's a dream!

There will be a more detailed post on this later, but for now here's a top I've been working on for my 5 year old sweet niece. I had this  pink polka dot fabric just waiting for a project, and it was my first time freehand cutting something so small! It ended up being good size wise, but who likes anything plain?! So in true to me fashion, I added ruffles because they're my favorite. It's almost finished, but I'm thinking I'll add some buttons or something sweet for her to make it more personal. & then I'll post it again, on the model!

& it's all serged up! I love the clean lines & the sturdiness, nothing like it!


Here's just another little project I took a little time to make the other night. I went to Michael's Craft Store in hopes of recreating a necklace I found on an etsy site- Super Duper Things. She has some really amazing creations, check it out & it's so affordable! She lives in the UK unfortunately, and until I purchase something of her's, I though it'd be a great project to try and recreate my own version. Below is simply a charcoal felt "bib" style necklace, complete with lobster clasp, & cute detailed buttons. I've been wearing it over simple tops to add a handmade touch, & I'm really loving it!
I loved trying my hand at some incredibly simple jewelry making, more in the future! I hate boring nights, and I'm a firm believer that doing something creative & productive doesn't have to be complicated or super expensive, & it should be done often!

*if you're interested in this piece, or a variation of it, let me know! 

 Here's a headband I made during the summer. Simple mustard pleats, it's cute and voluminous :)
Let me know if you want one ;)

Until next time!
Happy Holidays,

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