Saturday, September 4, 2010

Society 6

let me introduce…SOCIETY6.
the website of opportunity. is “where artists can connect with unique opportunities, and sell their work as a variety of products.”
in other words, anyone can join up with society6 (artists, designers, art lovers) and create an online studio space where people can view your work, and purchase it in a variety of forms, where YOU make the profit…it’s a community for you to find artists, and where artists like you can be found.
let me show you some examples.
this is one design by artist Nazario Graziano
through he can sell this design as a print (or printed canvas) like above.
a t-shirt (printed on american apparel shirts)
a hoodie (also american apparel)
a laptop skin.
and even..
an iphone skin.
*even if you don’t wish to sell your work, or even in addition to, they allow to you make posts/and blog about each design straight on your studio profile. likeHERE
you get the idea.. there are plenty of options for getting yourself out there or finding your ideal piece of art.
you can also be selected to be offered through their retails urbanoutfitters, and threadless. 
try it out @

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