Thursday, September 30, 2010

More projects from the Quail Stitch

i’ve been super busy saving up for this beauty, which i just bought!
my juki serger ( a similar model above )
if you know how tedious it is to make every seam look nice & clean on a regular sewing machine, you’ll know this beauty was worth every penny!
it may just look like a piece of metal to you (which is precisely what it is :) ),but if i ever hope to sell anything which is my goal, this machine is exactly what i need!
here’s a little pic of what it does
cuts and sews simultaneously to create seams. love it!
anyways, i promised you projects, so i will deliver! (you’ll have to wait a little while till i do a photoshoot of recent work)
just a really basic skirt with pleating. i love it for layering and charlotte is finally starting to enter autumn (it’s been raining non stop!) 
it’s all fresh and crisp (the skirt & the weather) thanks to the help of my serger… & the
let me know what you think!
take care! happy posting! 
-m for the quail stitch.

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