Monday, September 13, 2010

Projects & Productivity at the Quail Stitch

i promised that this blog would be for design AND projects, so i’m trying to be better at photographing my projects as they come along and as i finish them.
i gained sewing-know-how from my grandmother and my sister, and a lot of the habits my grandma instilled in me (pressing & ironing is a must, being patient and doing things right) have kind of carried me along throughout all this time. For the most part, i’m self-taught, but it would be better to phrase it as self-experimental :). I just practice and practice, and i’m no where near as good as i want to be, but practice and a few clothing projects gone wrong and learning from those mistakes, I am loads better than i was at first. 
all that to say, I recognize that there is a bit of talent in me (whether a big bit or a little bit we shall see), and that’s the first step in pursuing something you like to do. 
so my goal is to always work on something each day (often times time gets in the way), but that way i’m always practicing, creating my personal style of things, and keeping my creative juices flowing. it helps to make my day loads better.
here are some projects i’ve been working on this past weekend…how-to’s coming soon.
a black and white striped top with mustard pocket.
ruffled backside 
there i am!
all about the details.
guy’s bowties…such a fun little project for all that spare fabric i have lying around.
also comes in little boy’s sizes :)
what was your project of the day?

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