Thursday, September 2, 2010

dear readers

one of my favorite parts of blogging is tracking down items for you and myself from all over the internet (via etsy, via blogs, via online stores etc) that will appeal to your designer’s eye. whether they’re independently designed or from our favorite well known brands/stores, i often take hours (with great pleasure) to find things that i enjoy and that i think you will too.
all that being said, i would love requests if you ever happen to have any. whether it be items in a certain design (like the lace post below), for a certain season, for a particular gender, room, gifting ideas…etc, you get the idea!
i will always be more than happy to search down products & ideas for you, and listen to your findings as well. let’s build this friendship, shall we?
*obviously not everyone that may read this blog has a tumblr, and therefore cannot ask questions or give ideas via tumblr.
to do so via facebook find me here 
to do so via email…send to the address
or comment below :)
-molly. at the quail stitch

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