Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My January & Project One

Happy February!! I can't believe how fast January flew by, it's been a big month of big changes for me, and I'm excited to post things for you to see.
disclaimer: this is going to be a pretty long post :)

First of all I should give you the basics so you know what I've been up to. I just started college at a University here in SC to get my BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) with a concentration in Commercial Photography. It has such a great art department and I waited patiently for 6 months to start my classes and move into my dorm! But more about that later...

Let's see...one of the nice things about college is that you can most likely choose all your times and plan out each day...this is my concise schedule so that in future postings you understand what I mean when I say 8 am's will be the death of me :)

Monday & Wednesday
Wake up at 7
8:00 am- Art History (Renaissance-Present)
Break (Einstein bagels & a chai latte mmm)
2:00-3:15 pm- Writing
3:30-6:15 pm- 3D Design I  (meaning 3D paper forms- this is a studio class so it lasts for 3 hours)

12:30 pm- 2D Design I (best class ever)
7:00 pm- ACAD 101 (freshman class)

12:30 pm- 2D Design I

& no classes on Fridays!

So let's go on now to the more interesting stuff... Most of the projects I will be sharing the process of with you are from my 2D Design class, and I really hope you enjoy the experience as much as I do (you're going through the process with me but without any studio time :) pretty good deal!)
I apologize this post will be a little fast paced and random, to get you caught up on what's been up so far!

We got behind a lot because of the amazing snow days we had here in the southeast! This was our first little project on day 1 of 2D Design class. Simple dots of varying sizes to create interesting picture planes.

okay, finally PROJECT I

Our first project we had to search through magazines to find fonts that were interesting. Then cut out those letters, and trace them (like above) & photocopy them. The goal was to create 3 symmetrical, nearly symmetrical, and asymmetrical (no symmetry at all) designs of both squares and rectangles using the lines and curves of letters. So 18 designs in all. 

Using an exacto knife only (an art major's best friend) we had to cut out the photocopied letters. Let me just tell you now, just in case you were wondering, it is the most time consuming process ever! :) I spent more than 12 hours (6 on a friday, 6 on a saturday) doing this step alone. Oh the joys! 

I just recently turned these in on Friday morning, I was so proud of myself! I have never taken any basic art classes before, all the work was worth it. Even to gain the basic skills.
Here's a few of the finished works.

& that is all for tonight, goodnight :)
-The Quail Stitch

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