Friday, July 23, 2010

blog essentials

for me, a great blog can start my day out exactly right, inspire me, and lend me a hand in finishing projects…
here is a list of a few of the blogs and sites i visit at least once a day, i broke them down into a personalized list :) 
Decor8Blog- my go-to blog for daily inspiration…my essential blog.
Apartment Therapy- for interior design ideas
ChictopiaWeardrobeLookbook- not necessarily blogs, definitely inspirational, but a great direct way to find style blogs from members
The Clothes Horse- my first exposure to style blogs…love her clothing remixes
Sabino- photographs to the brim. love this photoblog.
Ming Makes Cupcakes- interesting and savory cupcake recipes..must make these!
Bake or Break- blog for bakers
What Katie Ate- a food photography blog
Cannelle Et Vanille- another beautiful food & life photography blog, apart of Martha Stewart’s Circle (sites handpicked by the editors of Martha Stewart)
Martha Stewart- my go-to recipe site…love love martha stewart
Keiko Lynn- fashion blogger
Burda Style- i owe this site the first dress i ever made…their patterns have helped me learn how to sew. also a great way to find other fashion bloggers.
Fashion Gone Rogue- a collection of editorials, covers, and ads.
The Wanderlusters- a personal style blog by two best friends
Delightfully Tacky- style blog all the way up in alaska…always mixing prints, colors & patterns
Design Sponge- who doesn’t love DIY ideas?
Dtrndr- design products you must know about! a must visit…
What Katie Saw- the sister site to What Katie Ate
Art as Life- more recently came across this blog, and already loving it.
Haus Maus- a design/life blog by a American woman living in Germany
A Creative Mint- her color-schemed blog entries i adore!
Hindsvik- vintage home decor
Garden of Whimsy- i can’t help but completely want these! i’m such a girl :)
Bella Drummer- if you fell in love with the Art as Life blog…buy her stuff!
Olive Manna- being a sew(er) and a craft(er) i love her twine, etc!
Nest Pretty Things by Tamar- i want some of this jewelry! you will too…
Frumafar- i am fabric obsessed, and the Yellow Ginko custom printed fabric from japan i love.
i hope you enjoy these blogs as much as i do! i will be constantly updating this as i find more lovely things to look at :)
if you have blog suggestions that i have yet to list, please comment and let me know!

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